Tim’s Report Card

Growing Oxnard Businesses

Tim is working with Oxnard businesses to speed up the permit and business

licensing process by establishing a One Stop Shop Business Center at City Hall.

Street Paving

Tim led the city council to approve a $30 million streets program that will finish

paving every residential street in the city within 3 years.

Fiscal Responsibility

Tim led the takeover of the city's trash facility that will save the rate payers $2.5

million in the first year of operation.

Excellence in Education

Tim formed partnerships with school districts to promote higher academic

achievement. First year goals are to establish the first magnate school in the city,

increase traffic safety in and around schools and explore city-wide wi-fi.


Tim ended the giveaway of multimillion dollar contracts. All no-bid contracts in

the city have come to an end!

Channel Islands Harbor

Tim is working with beach residents on the revitalization of Channel Islands

Harbor through the Channel Islands Harbor Task Force.

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